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Sticking Close to Home for College

I talked to a mom last week who wanted me to help her son find wonderful colleges that would would award him a scholarship, but her top priority is keeping him as close to home as possible. The San Diego mom wants him to attend a California college. She also seemed to rule out Northern […]

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The States Where College Students Stay Close to Home

In these hard economic times, it’s best to cast a wide net when applying for colleges. But most college students continue to stay close to home. Staying close to home for college can sometimes be a mistake.  For some students, the best colleges — financially and economically — will be a time zone or two […]

12May2010 | Lynn | 4 comments | Continued
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10 Things About College That High School Counselors Don’t Know

Yesterday I wrote this provocative post: Why High School Counselors Don’t Know Much About College.  Today I wanted to follow up with 10 things that the typical high school counselors doesn’t know. Here goes: 1. There are roughly 50 colleges and universities in the country that are no-loan schools, which means they meet a student’s […]

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Why College Graduation Rates Are a Disgrace

Graduation rates at most universities is a disgrace.  Fewer than 60% of  college  students graduate in six years. Many of the rest never do earn  a bachelor’s degree. I’ve written about low graduation rates many times (see links below) and it’s always struck me as unfair that so many educators blame this tragedy solely on […]

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Attending College Close to Home

When it comes to checking out colleges, I’m a big believer in casting a wide net. Look at big, small, public and private institutions. And check out schools that aren’t in your time zone. As I mentioned in a post that I wrote last week, most families just don’t do this. The vast majority of […]

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What Are the Chances of Graduating In Four Years?

As I mentioned yesterday, most teenagers don’t know how to truly evaluate colleges and universities. Finding the right academic fit, however, is crucial, which is why this week I’m going to be sharing my favorite tools to research colleges. Today I’m focusing on, which you’ll find on the Education Trust’s website, provides the […]

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Want a Fat Paycheck? Attend these State Universities

What colleges and universities produce graduates who go on to earn the highest paychecks? It’s easy to answer that question if you consult the annual college salary survey that Pay Scale Inc., just released.  The list of schools that produce the graduates with the highest starting salaries is dominated by Ivy League institutions and other […]

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Public Universities That Are Addicted to Out-of-State Students

I read a story in the Wall Street Journal yesterday about the flood of students from the Northeast who have been heading west to attend Indiana University. Among Indiana’s newest crop of freshmen, there are roughly 260 kids from the New York City area alone. With the snootiest schools on the East Coast continuing to […]

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