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How to Survive Bad SAT or ACT Scores

This week I’m sharing SAT and ACT test prep strategies. You’ll find the links to all of them at the bottom of this post. Here goes my latest test prep tips: Strategy No. 6: Apply to SAT-Optional Schools If your teenager bombs on the SAT or the ACT test, don’t despair.  Plenty of schools don’t […]

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Can Guessing Boost Your SAT or ACT Test Scores?

This week I’m sharing ACT and SAT prep strategies to boost your teenager’s SAT and ACT scores. In case you missed them, I’m linking to my first two SAT tips and then you’ll find my newest one which answers the question of whether you should guess on the SAT. SAT Test Strategy No. 1: Improve […]

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Improving Your SAT or ACT Scores: Take a Sample Test

Do you want your teenager to ace the SAT test or improve on a previous SAT score? Or maybe you just want to know if you can survive bad SAT results? Or maybe you’re concerned about ACT test scores. Here’s good news: There are successful SAT and ACT test strategies that students can use to […]

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The Great SAT and ACT Test Debate

If your teenager bombs on the SAT or ACT, you don’t need to despair. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts on my college blog, students can get into hundreds of schools even if they withhold their SAT or ACT test scores. See links below to some of these posts. Today I want to draw your […]

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College Admissions: Who Gets an Affirmative Action Bump?

I’ve been volunteering at my son Ben’s high school this semester so I’ve been sitting in on some presentations by visiting college admission reps. As they are packing up, I often ask the reps about their admission requirements for minority students since there are a significant number of these kids at Ben’s school. What I’ve […]

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SAT Strategy: Earning a Higher SAT Score

The teenagers who took the SAT test early in October began finding out their scores yesterday. My son Ben was celebrating on Thursday because he improved his SAT scores in all three subjects and his math score was terrific. Ben’s SAT scores from May weren’t as good so it’s an easy decision for us to […]

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Welcome to

I want to welcome all my new visitors today, who discovered my blog thanks to the radio show that was broadcast this morning around the country. If you’ve got teenagers and you’re stressing about college, my blog should be a huge help.  You’ll find some of the best stuff in my college blog’s archives. Here […]

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Studying for the SAT: Is It Worth It?

Will students who take SAT prep courses increase their test scores? To me the answer is obvious. Of course, you can boost your test scores through SAT preparation. Both of my children have benefited by attending an SAT prep course, My daughter’s score jump ed by at least 120 points. And my son, who just […]

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ACT vs. SAT: How to Compare Scores

This is prime test-taking season for the SAT and ACT. My niece and nephew both took the ACT in St. Louis earlier this month. I know a bunch of teenagers, including my son, who will be taking the SAT soon. Both tests play to different strengths which is why plenty of kids end up taking […]

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6 Ways to Improve Your SAT Essay

Want to know how your teenager can improve the score on his or her SAT essay? I learned a few tips last night when I shared the stage at a high school college event with an SAT guru from the Princeton Review. She shared with the crowd these six SAT essay tips: 1. Come prepared. […]

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