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Why It’s Harder Getting Into Harvard

It’s not your imagination. It’s become even harder to get into Harvard, the rest of the Ivy League gang and the other super elite schools. In the college blog post that I wrote for today, I explain 5 reasons why it’s become even more challenging trying to storm the gates of Harvard and other […]

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Waiting List Cry Babies: Stop the Tears

I have been reading the annual sob stories from students who are stuck on waiting lists at the nation’s snobbiest schools. These are the colleges and universities that reject almost everyone. The students on these waiting lists, which can contain 1,000 or more names, complain mightily about being stuck in limbo. They can’t psychologically get […]

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Ivy League: Rejecting More Students – Yawn

Surprise. Surprise. The Ivy League and other elite universities have just gotten even more selective. The Ivy League schools will be notifying applicants today whether they won the higher-ed lottery. And, according to some preliminary numbers gathered by The New York Times, more applicants will be receiving bad college admission news this year than ever […]

1Apr2010 | Lynn | 2 comments | Continued
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Why I Chose Yale – Not

If you haven’t seen the campy You Tube musical called “Why I Chose Yale, you might want to check it out. I imagine that watching it will only increase the anxiety of any parent or high school student who thinks Yale (or some other Ivy League school) is the only higher-ed trophy worth bagging. If […]

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Yale Accepts Quadruplets in its Next Freshman Class

Here’s a college admission success story that’s going to make you jealous. Yale University just accepted four teenagers from the same Connecticut family for its next freshmen class. This is the first time in anyone’s memory that Yale has accepted quadruplets. The New York Times wrote about this stunning feat over the weekend. This wasn’t […]

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College Bowl Money Pits, Studying Abroad and More

It’s a relief to be sitting down to write this post. My husband, kids and I survived our annual holiday party. I cook for days, not including spending an entire Saturday making Christmas cookies, and by the time the party rolls around my back is screaming. Anyway, I survived the party for 65 people and […]

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The Price of High School Success

Last week I was talking to the college counselor at my son’s high school about research findings that suggest that Asian students face much greater odds in getting into Ivy League and other elite institutions. During our conversation, the counselor took a hardback from his book-lined room and suggested I read it. School of Dreams: […]

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College Blog Roundup: Green Colleges, Ivy League Discrimination, 529 Problems

Every Saturday I share the college blog posts that I wrote for the week for CBSMoneyWatch. As usual, this was an eclectic bunch. Are Elite Universities Discriminating Against Asians The post that I found most fascinating was about a book — soon to be released — that examined the admission practices of seven elite (unnamed) […]

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The Secrets of Getting Into Harvard

I’ve always wondered why the media fixates so much Harvard and the other seven Ivy League schools. After all, the percentage of college freshmen attending these schools is a miniscule .2%. I came up with that percentage after crunching numbers that I pulled out of The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Almanac. But if you’re eager […]

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College Blog Roundup: College Ranking Shenanigans, Women’s Colleges and Swine Flu!

Here is my latest weekend roundup of the college blog posts that I wrote this week for Are Ivy League Schools Fudging Their Numbers? This is the post that I was most intrigued by because it explored one of my favorite topics — the insane obsession with college rankings. I wrote that some of […]

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