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Why It’s Harder Getting Into Harvard

It’s not your imagination. It’s become even harder to get into Harvard, the rest of the Ivy League gang and the other super elite schools. In the college blog post that I wrote for today, I explain 5 reasons why it’s become even more challenging trying to storm the gates of Harvard and other […]

5Aug2010 | Lynn | 1 comment | Continued
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Research Universities: What You Need to Ask

In my last blog post I complained that too many high school students pick schools based primarily on size. And most of these students only want to look at schools that are large. Here is where I vented: My Pet Peeve: Picking Colleges by Size What’s more important, I argued, is a school’s mission. Today, […]

26Jul2010 | Lynn | 1 comment | Continued

Waiting List Cry Babies: Stop the Tears

I have been reading the annual sob stories from students who are stuck on waiting lists at the nation’s snobbiest schools. These are the colleges and universities that reject almost everyone. The students on these waiting lists, which can contain 1,000 or more names, complain mightily about being stuck in limbo. They can’t psychologically get […]

18Apr2010 | Lynn | 0 comments | Continued

What’s Wrong with Princeton Review’s Best Value College Rankings

Beware of  The Princeton Review’s latest college rankings of the 100 Best Value Colleges for 2010. Here’s why I’m not a fan of Princeton Review’s generous college rankings: Some parents who use this list on their college search could up spending more than $200,000 for a college degree. Some deal, huh? Kiplinger’s best value college […]

17Jan2010 | Lynn | 2 comments | Continued
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A Clever Way to Get Into Harvard

Want to get into Harvard? Consider taking a gap year. It’s not easy getting into Havard or other elite schools, but some high school seniors manage to get into their dream schools by taking the year off and pursuing other interests through a gap year program here or overseas. I wrote about gap years experiences […]

13Dec2009 | Lynn | 0 comments | Continued
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College Blog Roundup: Harvard, Baby Einstein and Most Expensive Colleges

As usual, I am sharing with you the posts that I wrote for my college blog for during the past week. Baby Einstein Bust: Toys That Will Make Your Child Smarter. Did parents really think that plunking their infants in front of Baby Einstein DVDs was really going to make them geniuses. Come on. […]

25Oct2009 | Lynn | 0 comments | Continued
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College Blog Weekend RoundUp: Cheating With Texting, Collegiate Lending and Harvard Secrets

Here are this week’s round up of the posts that I wrote for Hope you enjoy them…. The Latest Way Kids Cheat on Exams Teenagers are ingenious so I guess it’s no wonder that they are adept at high-tech cheating.  An alarming survey shows just how prevalent cheating with cell phones is in schools. […]

12Sep2009 | Lynn | 0 comments | Continued
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The Secrets of Getting Into Harvard

I’ve always wondered why the media fixates so much Harvard and the other seven Ivy League schools. After all, the percentage of college freshmen attending these schools is a miniscule .2%. I came up with that percentage after crunching numbers that I pulled out of The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Almanac. But if you’re eager […]

9Sep2009 | Lynn | 0 comments | Continued

What’s the Matter With Harvard?

I had lunch this week with a professor of medicine at Stanford University. Mercifully, the conversation didn’t dwell on his specialty (urology), but the professor did feel the need to gripe about Stanford’s endowment, which has cratered. In an attempt to cheer him up, I mentioned that Stanford’s endowment problem looks like a mosquito bite […]

9Jul2009 | Lynn | 3 comments | Continued
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Troubles at Harvard

When my husband returned last week from a business trip on the East Coast, he brought home a copy of the Boston Globe that contained a story about layoffs at Harvard. Harvard is cutting loose 275 people and this comes on top of other recent cuts, including the postponement of an ambitious and very expensive […]

28Jun2009 | Lynn | 0 comments | Continued