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Why You Should File the FAFSA, Freshmen Facts and Engineering Degrees

6 Reasons to File the FAFSA
Should you file the FAFSA?
Here’s my answer for just about everybody, including myself: Absolutely yes.
I admit it’s not fun to complete the FAFSA, which I am going to do today. If it’s any consolation, the FAFSA is easier to fill out than the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE, which I am also […]

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What College Freshmen Know and Don’t Know

The year that I started college, Richard Nixon resigned, pocket calculators started appearing in stores and Jethro Tull was oh, so cool — at least with the kids I hung out with.
I realized how dramatically different the experiences of today’s college freshmen are after I read Beloit College’s Mindset List. Each year the liberal arts […]

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Blaming College Students for Not Graduating in Six Years

I know a bunch of parents who expect their teenagers to graduate from college in four years.
Many of them are dreaming. Forty percent of  students can’t even graduate from college in six years!
Colleges and universities often blame students for this dismal record. But if it’s the kids who are slackers, how come schools with similar […]

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