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Why State Universities Aren’t Always a Bargain

If you’ve been a regular visitor to my college blog, you know that college price tags are meaningless. A $50,000 college, for example, could cost some families less than a $25,000 school. More families in my state of California are beginning to realize this. I bet that’s why expensive private schools such as Whitman College, […]

15Nov2010 | Lynn | 2 comments | Continued
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Visiting My Son in College

When I dropped my son Ben off at Beloit College (WI) in mid August, I left with a lot of questions. Would he adjust well to college? Could he handle his classes? Would he make friends?  And would he tell his mom or dad if the answers to any or all of the preceding questions […]

24Oct2010 | Lynn | 1 comment | Continued
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A Hidden Jewel: 3-2 Engineering Degree Programs

Every week I write a college blog post for US News & World Report. Today I want to share my latest that explains who you can combine a liberal arts education with an engineering degree. Here it is: My family lives in California where roughly 84 percent of the state’s college-bound students enroll in public […]

7Sep2010 | Lynn | 4 comments | Continued

Saying Goodbye to Ben

Saturday evening I said goodbye to my son Ben, who officially started his four years at Beloit College. I am grateful that the send-off was better than the one that Scott Bierman, the president of Beloit College, experienced years ago when he dropped his second daughter off at Kenyon College. As the drop-off day wore […]

15Aug2010 | Lynn | 5 comments | Continued
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My Kids Are Growing Up

Saturday was a bittersweet day. My son Benjamin graduated from High Tech High. Ben received his diploma along with about 150 other seniors on the school’s lawn on a beautiful (naturally) morning in San Diego. High Tech High has never ranked students – that’s one of the things that I love about the school – […]

28Jun2010 | Lynn | 3 comments | Continued
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Being a Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day always makes me cry. On this day, I remember my own mom, who was a teacher, and an incredible inspiration to me. She died suddenly in 2002, just hours after she had picked up her latest stack of  books at the library and played tennis with dear friends. I also think about how […]

8May2010 | Lynn | 2 comments | Continued
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My Son’s No. 1 College Choice Is ….

My son has decided where he’s going to college in the fall. After visiting 14 colleges and applying to 8 of them, Ben selected Beloit College. I wrote about why he decided to choose Beloit College on my other college blog over at CBSMoneyWatch. It was a long process, but the final result made all […]

22Apr2010 | Lynn | 2 comments | Continued

Acing a College Interview: 27 Interview Questions

How do you ace a college interview? That’s what my son was wondering this weekend during his visit to Beloit College. About 130 high school seniors were on campus to compete for one of the school’s Presidential Scholarships, which are worth up to $68,000. Have fun and relax. That’s what everyone told the hopeful teenagers, […]

20Feb2010 | Lynn | 0 comments | Continued