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Can This Teenager Win a College Scholarship?

I wanted to share with you an email that I received last night from a high school freshman, who spent her Christmas break stressing out:
Dear Lynn,
I am a freshman in high school, and I am enrolled in all advanced placement classes. For the first marking period, I received all B’s and one A+. My second […]

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How Many High School Students Are Ready for College?

Are high school students ready for college?
Many of them aren’t. According to ACT Inc., only 23% of recent high school graduates, who took the ACT test, were prepared for college.
When the ACT examined its latest crop of statistics, the test maker concluded that less than one in four high school graduates was academically prepared in […]

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The Secrets of Succeeding in College

The biggest buzz last week in the higher-ed world was the release of a serious tome entitled, Crossing the Line: Completing College at America’s Public Universities.
The book, which was co-authored by William G. Bowen, a former Princeton president, and two other academics is chock-a-block full of stats and astute observations about why many students manage […]

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Here’s Hope for the “C” Student

I read a story in The Wall Street Journall this week, which should make “B” and “C” students hopeful.
Universities have traditionally based their college admission decisions primarily on a student’s grades and test scores. But some school, including Tufts University, Boston College and DePaul University, are now eager to evaluate applicants on noncognitive traits that […]

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Can You Afford a Private College? And Other College Blog Posts

I told you so!
That’s what I was thinking when I wrote one of my college blog posts last week for With the media writing nonstop about how teenagers could only afford public institutions in this wretched economy, I must have looked like a lunatic when I insisted that private colleges could still be the […]

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