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College Acceptance Letter Etiquette

High schools students have started receiving college acceptance letters. A student writing on The New York Times’ college blog today suggests that teenagers shouldn’t brag when they start getting acceptance letters. Specifically, she believes that sharing college admission news on Facebook is in poor taste. The freshman at Northwestern argues that bragging about college acceptances […]

30Dec2009 | Lynn | 3 comments | Continued
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Acceptance Letter Etiquette

We’re in the thick of the college acceptance season. If your child is a high school senior, the mail carrier might have already delivered acceptance packages to your house. Being wanted is fun, but it’s anything but fun when schools start bullying applicants. I read an interesting post today written by a guy in the […]

11Mar2009 | Lynn | 2 comments | Continued
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College Essays: Winning One Liners from Stanford

Tis the season of the cursed college admission essay. You can tell that simply by looking at what’s selling on One of the brisk sellers on Amazon today is a book that was published in 1987: On Writing the College Application Essay: The Key to Acceptance and the College of your Choice. I hope […]

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