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Why You Should Check Out the College Navigator

All week I’ve been sharing great tools to research colleges. Today I want to feature the federal College Navigator. The College Navigator is a dull-looking website, but it contains incredible tools that tap into a vast college database that the U.S. Department of Education maintains.
To illustrate what College Navigator can do, I’m using as an […]

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Weekend College Blog Roundup: Financial Aid, SAT Scores…

Don’t have time to track down relevant stories about college admissions, financial aid and important topics for families with teenagers?
No worries. You can find lots of them right here at and each weekend I also provide the links to the college posts that I write over at
Here are my CBS stories from the […]

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Welcome to

I want to welcome all my new visitors today, who discovered my blog thanks to the radio show that was broadcast this morning around the country.
If you’ve got teenagers and you’re stressing about college, my blog should be a huge help.  You’ll find some of the best stuff in my college blog’s archives. Here are […]

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Qualifying for Financial Aid as an Independent Student

When can a student be considered independent for financial aid purposes?
This is a question that a lot of families ask as they contemplate their huge college expenses. When I was back in St. Louis, my hometown, earlier this summer, my nephew Nick asked whether he could qualify for federal financial aid as an independent student.  […]

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College Scholarships for Rich Kids

Merit scholarships have always been controversial in higher-ed circles because many of these awards end up going to rich kids. A study just released by the Cornell Higher Education Research Institute suggests that college scholarship practices have led to lower numbers of minority and lower-income students on campuses.
This finding would refute the argument that many […]

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Can You Afford a Private College? And Other College Blog Posts

I told you so!
That’s what I was thinking when I wrote one of my college blog posts last week for With the media writing nonstop about how teenagers could only afford public institutions in this wretched economy, I must have looked like a lunatic when I insisted that private colleges could still be the […]

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Ten Ways to Get Ready for College

I’m taking some time off from my college blog this week and a friend, Ruth McKinnie Braun, who is the creator of the great website: offered to pitch in and provide this post. Hope you enjoy it…..
Summer is the perfect time for low-key college planning. Setting aside time for exploring college options without the […]

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Take the Financial Aid Quiz

How much do you know about college financial aid? Take this financial aid quiz to find out.
1. If your adjusted gross income exceeds $120,000, you won’t be eligible for financial aid at any school.
A. True.
B. False.
2. After receiving a financial aid package from a college, the amount can only be increased for dire reasons […]

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A New and Improved FAFSA

Hallelujah. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is getting simplified.
U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan  announced plans to make the FAFSA, which includes 135 questions on assets and income, more user friendly today.
The news isn’t surprising. At his confirmation hearing, Duncan had this to say about the FAFSA form: “You basically have to have […]

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Cutting the Cost of College With Better Grades

One morning at a breakfast chat with parents at my son’s high school, the principal mentioned that he is always amazed at how few students at the end of each semester ask teachers how they might improve their grades.
It should be a no brainer, the principal suggested, for students to ask their teachers if they […]

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