Cutting the Cost of College by Getting Good Grades

My son’s principal holds a breakfast chat with parents each month and at the last one, Brett mentioned that he is always amazed at how few students at the end of each semester ask teachers how they might improve their grades.

It should be a no brainer, Brett suggested, for students to ask their teachers if they can do extra credit or redo a prior botched assignment to boost a grade.

I passed this tip along to my son Ben and he approached his teacher in a world religions class where he was not happy with his grade. He turned in an extra credit assignment on gays and discrimination and he pushed his final semester grade to an A minus.

So why am I mentioning my son’s experience? Because one of the best ways to shrink the cost of college is to earn good grades. Especially at private colleges and universities, higher grades often brings more generous financial aid packages, as well as merit awards.

With the semester ending in a matter of days for many high school students, now is the time to give this strategy a try.

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