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Do you Twitter?

I don’t, but I’ve been getting pressure from people to start tweeting about college.

I’m still on the fence on that one, but I have started reading up on Twittering. I ran across a fascinating story this week about Twittering in the higher-ed world. A Twitterer (Is that a word?) at The Chronicle of Higher Education asked readers for nominations for the most active and interesting college Twitter users.
Here is who made it onto The Chronicle’s top Twitter list:

1. Sarah Evans, director of public relations at Elgin Community College.

2. Jay Rosen, associate professor of journalism, New York University.

3. Howard Rheingold, lecturer University of California, Berkeley.

4. Amanda French, asst. research scholar and digital-curriculum specialist, NYU.

5. David Perry, asst. professor of emerging media and communications at University of Texas, Dallas.

6. Dan Cohen, director, Center for History and New Media, George Mason University.

7. Paul Levinson, professor of communication and media studies, Fordham University.

8. Scott McLeod, assoc. professor at Iowa State University.

9. Michael L. Wesch, asst. professor of cultural anthropology, Kansas State U.

10. Gordon Gee, president, Ohio State University.

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