College Blog Roundup: Harvard, Baby Einstein and Most Expensive Colleges

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As usual, I am sharing with you the posts that I wrote for my college blog for during the past week.

Baby Einstein Bust: Toys That Will Make Your Child Smarter.

Did parents really think that plunking their infants in front of Baby Einstein DVDs was really going to make them geniuses. Come on. Surely they knew Baby Einstein served as a cheap babysitter. The Disney Co. is giving refunds for parents now that the company has conceded that Baby Einstein isn’t going to make kids smarter.

In my post, however, I share the type of toys that can make children smarter.

America’s 10 Most Expensive Colleges

Schools hate to land on a list that includes the top 10 most expensive colleges. But there is an easy way to get off this list:  stop raising tuition. Sarah Lawrence received the dishonors of being the most expensive college. You can see the entire list here.

Harvard’s Stunning Mistakes

As a journalist, I have been writing about personal finance since the mid 1990s and during that time I’ve seen investors do a lot of crazy things. I was shocked at how Harvard invested the cash they needed to  keep their lights on. Yikes.

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