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The 75 Biggest Myths About College Admissions

Being the mother of a college junior and a high school senior, I’ve bought and skimmed through a lot of college books over the years. Many of them disappoint me because they are often focused on getting kids into the Ivy League. This fixation is ridiculously misplaced when you consider that only .2% of kids […]

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Welcome to

I want to welcome all my new visitors today, who discovered my blog thanks to the radio show that was broadcast this morning around the country. If you’ve got teenagers and you’re stressing about college, my blog should be a huge help.  You’ll find some of the best stuff in my college blog’s archives. Here […]

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The Great College Fire Sale

Now here’s something you haven’t heard reported in the news media this year: Many colleges and universities are slashing prices even further than they have in the past. Private schools, in particular, are worried that kids are crossing expensive schools off their lists because of the recession and the stock market implosion. Most parents assume […]

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Learning About Colleges Through Social Media

Don’t have the money to pay for an expensive college road trip? Schools are increasingly making it easier for high school students to get a feel for their institutions without leaving their homes. That’s the conclusion that I drew after reading a new study conducted at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, which explored higher ed’s […]

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Cutting the Cost of College by Getting Good Grades

My son’s principal holds a breakfast chat with parents each month and at the last one, Brett mentioned that he is always amazed at how few students at the end of each semester ask teachers how they might improve their grades. It should be a no brainer, Brett suggested, for students to ask their teachers […]

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The College Solution Gets a Nod in Newsweek

Jane Bryant Quinn, probably the most respected personal finance journalist in the country, complimented my book, The College Solution, in her latest column for Newsweek Magazine. In her column, Quinn mentions ways to shrink the cost of college, including plenty of techniques that I focus on in my book. You can read her column here.

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An Interview with Me!

Carolyn Z. Lawrence, an independent college counselor, who created the wonderful college blog,, has posted a Q&A session she had with me about my new book, The College Solution: A Guide for Everyone Looking for the Right School at the Right Price. You can check out the interview here. Visit my website at The […]

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