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Shrinking the Cost of College: Twitter Chat Tonight

If you’d like to learn more about shrinking the cost of college, I’ll be sharing advice on the first edition of #CollegeChat at 6 p.m. PST tonight on Twitter. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to find this one-hour college Twitter chat. You can find the instructions at the bottom of this post. During […]

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College Search: 6 Ways to Find the Right College

Where do you begin a college search? When you research colleges, you’re going to want to find schools that will provide your teenagers with an excellent education and get them out the door in four years. But how do you even start such a daunting college search? Scattered around my blog, I’ve written plenty about […]

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Top 10 College Websites for Finding Great Schools

Want to research colleges, but not sure where to start? It’s no surprise. When I just typed “college” into Google, I got 634 million college websites. To make your job easier, I’m sharing wonderful websites that can help you assemble a great list of colleges. If you want to research specific colleges, here are my […]

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College Acceptance Letter Etiquette

High schools students have started receiving college acceptance letters. A student writing on The New York Times’ college blog today suggests that teenagers shouldn’t brag when they start getting acceptance letters. Specifically, she believes that sharing college admission news on Facebook is in poor taste. The freshman at Northwestern argues that bragging about college acceptances […]

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The Latest Trend: Online College Matchmaking

How do teenagers find great colleges? Traditional ways have included buying a copy of one of those big, fat guidebooks such as Princeton Review’s The Best 371 Colleges and the Fiske Guide to Colleges. Or teenagers look at US News’ college rankings. Today, however, you can discover higher-ed possibilities by turning to online college matchmakers. […]

8Oct2009 | Lynn | 8 comments | Continued
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A College Blog RoundUp: Facebook, College Success and Free Schools

For those of you who have been visiting my college blog for awhile, you know that every weekend I link to college posts that I wrote during the week for I never got to do that this weekend because while I was in Baltimore covering an education convention my net book broke. Exquisitely bad […]

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Check Me Out On College Week Live

Instead of spending much time blogging today (Thursday), I’m going to be talking about college instead.  I’m a speaker at an online event put together by College Week Live, which is an organization that sponsors virtual college fairs. During my 45-minutes presentation, I’m going to be talking about SAT and ACT  test-optional policies. Thanks to […]

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Why Mothers Should Never Be Allowed on Facebook

I’m not on Facebook. Okay, I’m a loser. Or at least that’s the vibe that I’ve gotten when people learn that I am Facebook-less. If I truly want to create a buzz around my college book and my college blogs, I’ve been told that I need to be on Facebook. Yet Facebook seems like a […]

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College Twitter

Do you Twitter? I don’t, but I’ve been getting pressure from people to start tweeting about college. I’m still on the fence on that one, but I have started reading up on Twittering. I ran across a fascinating story this week about Twittering in the higher-ed world. A Twitterer (Is that a word?) at The […]

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College Admissions Stalking Online

A few days ago, I wrote a blog about how college admission officers are increasingly turning to new media when marketing to teenagers. But teenagers are going to be more interested in how schools are using these new tools to snoop on them. An ambitious study conducted at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, suggests that […]

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