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How I Paid $0 for My Son’s Summer Program

Are you looking for summer programs for high school students? I was recently hunting for a high school summer program for my son Ben. I paid for an online physics summer school program at Stanford that cost about $500, but I ended up going elsewhere and cut the price down to $0! Before I explain […]

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Check Out College, Inc., Tonight on PBS

I’m going to veg out on my couch tonight and watch College, Inc., on my PBS station. College, Inc., is a FRONTLINE production that explores the explosive and controversial growth of the for-profit higher education industry. One of the universities profiled in this investigation is the University of Phoenix, which is a darling of Wall […]

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Graduating from Berkeley in Two Years and Other Posts

Every weekend, I like to share the most recent college posts that I wrote for The post that generated the most traffic — and great placement on — focused on a young woman, who graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, in just two years.Even for a bright student that’s quite a feat. […]

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The March of the Edupunks

Why can’t you take a literature course at Amherst College, a physics class at MIT and a journalism class at the University of Missouri and be on your way to obtaining a degree? This might seem like a silly question, but cobbling together a degree after taking virtual classes at different institutions might not seem […]

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Weekend College Blog Roundup: Best Colleges You’ve Never Heard Of

As usual, I’m sharing with you the posts that I wrote last week for my college blog for The post that got the most hits, and also great play on the CBS site, focused on Forbes’ latest college rankings. As you’ll discover when you read The Best Colleges You’ve Never Heard Of, the magazine’s […]

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Getting Help with Math Homework

I’m lousy at math. As my son and daughter started venturing into analytic trigonomtry, precalculus and then calculus, I was utterly useless as a resource. For parents, whose children need help with math homework, there is now a remarkable resource available that is making math teachers across the country both excited and nervous. It’s called […]

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Earning a Degree Online

It’s hard researching online colleges. U.S. News & World Report certainly doesn’t rank online schools and the publishing world largely ignores distant learning colleges. Visit a bookstore and it’s doubtful that you’ll find anything worthwhile. When I checked on, one of the only books that I found was more than eight years old. During […]

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Studying at MIT for Free

I spent a few minutes with my teenage son last night watching a mad professor flailing a student with cat fur. Actually, the MIT physics professor wasn’t mad, but he was entertaining. Walter H. G. Lewin was giving a demonstration on electrical charges in a class exploring electricity and magnetism. After getting pelted by the […]

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Free Lectures From Great Minds

Not long ago I wrote about how anyone can attend MIT classes for free. That is if you’re willing to remain at your computer and not show up on campus. You won’t receive credit for listening to the lectures, but you will be exposed to some brilliant minds. While MIT’s massive efforts to open their […]

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Taking MIT Classes For FREE

This week we got my son’s scores from the standardized test that public school students take each spring in California, My husband, son and I were discouraged by his chemistry score. Since Ben thinks he wants to be an engineer, he’s particularly not happy. His experiential chemistry class last year offered lots of fun moments. […]

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