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4 Reasons to Consider Canadian Universities

Ever thought about attending a Canadian university? A growing number of Americans are considering earning a college degree from up North. Actually, it’s not as far north as you might think because most Canadian universities are near the US border. There are some hidden academic jewels in Canada, which explains why you might be interested […]

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Coconuts and College

I knew I was in a foreign country today when I looked outside my hotel window and saw a billboard that contained this message: Be health conscience. Eat a coconut every day. I’m in Jamaica, where I’ll be the featured (and apparently heavily promoted) speaker at a first annual college conference in Kingston. What could […]

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Smart College Athletes, International Students and Flagships

Are college athletes getting smarter? That was the subject of one of my college blog posts for CBSMoneyWatch this week. I don’t think college athletes are getting smarter, but they are graduating from college at higher rates. In fact, the jocks manage to graduate at higher rates than other college students. I was shocked to […]

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College Blog Roundup: Green Colleges, Ivy League Discrimination, 529 Problems

Every Saturday I share the college blog posts that I wrote for the week for CBSMoneyWatch. As usual, this was an eclectic bunch. Are Elite Universities Discriminating Against Asians The post that I found most fascinating was about a book — soon to be released — that examined the admission practices of seven elite (unnamed) […]

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Generous Colleges for International Students

A high school counselor in Colombia asked me today how she could find American colleges that provide financial aid for international students who want to study in the United States. Actually, there are many schools that provide need-based aid to international students interested in American colleges and universities. Every year a member of the Overseas […]

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Roughing It in College

Ludwig Maximilian University To cope with scary economic times are American colleges and universities going to deep six some of their amenities? This was the question that I explored in yesterday’s blog. It’s unlikely, however,  that American college students will ever experience the bare-bones, higher-ed experiences that’s prevalent Europe. With the notable exception of Great […]

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Saving Money by Attending College in Canada

Ever thought about heading North for college? Getting a bachelor’s degree in Canada could save you money. And there are plenty of other reasons why you might want to attend a school there. Here’s a link to a piece written by a dad, who is happy to report that he saved a ton of cash […]

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Foreign Interest in American Colleges Booming

The other day someone signed up on my blog to be notified whenever I post something new. This wouldn’t have been remarkable except the visitor was from Russia. Looking at one of my blog’s analytical tools I discovered that just about one out of every four visitors are from a foreign country. So in honor […]

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