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How Much is a College Degree Worth?

How much is a college degree worth?
Turns out that a bachelor’s degree might not be as valuable as you think.
For years the College Board has suggested that a college graduate earns about $800,000 more over his or her lifetime than high school graduates. This earnings figure, however, is apparently way off.
The real lifetime earnings advantage […]

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Top 10 College Websites for Finding Great Schools

Want to research colleges, but not sure where to start?
It’s no surprise. When I just typed “college” into Google, I got 634 million college websites. To make your job easier, I’m sharing wonderful websites that can help you assemble a great list of colleges.
If you want to research specific colleges, here are my Top 10  […]

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New College Website: Research Colleges Like a Pro

Today I want to share with you a great new web site that can help you research colleges:  College Insight.
College Insight has gathered detailed information on nearly 5,000 colleges and universities in this country. You can find statistics for any school on such topics as these:
College affordability. Check out statistics on tuition and total cost […]

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College Costs: Newest Evidence That Tuition Keeps Rising

Here’s a shocker:  College costs continue to rise.
That is the verdict of the College Board’s annual college cost study. Tuition and fees at state schools jumped 6.5% and the tuition cost at private schools rose 4.4%.
A few months ago, an association of private colleges and universities issued a press release congratulating their members for holding […]

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Naming Names: A List of the Most Generous Colleges

In the last few days, I’ve been working on an assignment about college rankings — when it’s published I’ll be sure to link to the article. Today, however, I thought I’d provide links to some helpful college lists courtesy of US News & World Report.
Colleges Giving the Most Merit Scholarships
One question that I get asked […]

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Why You Should Check Out the College Navigator

All week I’ve been sharing great tools to research colleges. Today I want to feature the federal College Navigator. The College Navigator is a dull-looking website, but it contains incredible tools that tap into a vast college database that the U.S. Department of Education maintains.
To illustrate what College Navigator can do, I’m using as an […]

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Finding College Cash in Obscure Documents

If you want to shrink the cost of college, you should become acquainted with something called the Common Data Set.
The Common Data Set was dreamed up years ago as a way to satisfy collegiate publishers like US News & World Report and the College Board, which have voracious appetites for higher-ed statistics.
Rather than answering every […]

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What Are the Chances of Graduating In Four Years?

As I mentioned yesterday, most teenagers don’t know how to truly evaluate colleges and universities.
Finding the right academic fit, however, is crucial, which is why this week I’m going to be sharing my favorite tools to research colleges.
Today I’m focusing on CollegeResults.org.
CollegeResults.org, which you’ll find on the Education Trust’s website, provides the four-, five- and […]

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Want a Fat Paycheck? Attend these State Universities

What colleges and universities produce graduates who go on to earn the highest paychecks?
It’s easy to answer that question if you consult the annual college salary survey that Pay Scale Inc., just released.  The list of schools that produce the graduates with the highest starting salaries is dominated by Ivy League institutions and other elite […]

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Ten Hottest Careers for College Graduates

For those of you who can’t stop thinking about college — even during the Fourth of July weekend — I’m sharing with you the three posts that I wrote this week for my other college blog at CBSMoneyWatch.
1. Ten Hottest Careers for College Graduates
Whether you’re a college student, a recent college grad or looking […]

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