Why High School Counselors Don’t Know Much About College

Is your teenager’s high school counselor an expert on college?
Probably not.
In fact, the odds are high that your counselor’s knowledge about college admission strategies, standardized testing and scholarships is limited.  Ironically during this period of skyrocketing college costs, financial aid is often the subject that high school counselors know the least about.
Many high school counselors […]

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Favorite College Blog Posts of 2009

Every weekend I share the college blog posts that I wrote during the past week for CBSMoneyWatch. Since it was the last week of 2009, I used the posts as a way to highlight what I’ve written since CBSMoneyWatch launched during past summer.
Favorite Blog Posts for 2009
In this post, you’ll find some of my favorite […]

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Welcome to

I want to welcome all my new visitors today, who discovered my blog thanks to the radio show that was broadcast this morning around the country.
If you’ve got teenagers and you’re stressing about college, my blog should be a huge help.  You’ll find some of the best stuff in my college blog’s archives. Here are […]

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A Primer on College Scholarships

I am the guest lecturer this week for an online college counseling course that’s offered through the extension service of the University of California, San Diego. It’s the second time that I’ve taught the class and it’s nice to get a chance to see what high school counselors, who are enrolled in the class, are […]

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Weekend College Blog Round

I wanted to share with you three college posts that I wrote this week for my other college blog at CBSMoneyWatch. Hope you enjoy them!
Is Your College Professor Autistic?
It never occurred to me that a college professor could be autistic. But an economist at George Mason University wrote a convincing commentary in The Chronicle of […]

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Will Colleges Be the Next Bubble to Burst?

Are colleges going  to be the next big bubble that bursts?
College prices continue to rise even as fewer and fewer parents are remotely able to cover the tab. Ever since George Washington University broke the $50,000-a-year barrier awhile ago, a growing number of elite schools now charge at least that much. Imagine that. Or rather, […]

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College News On the Weekend

I wanted to share with you three college posts that I wrote this week for my other college blog  at CBSMoneyWatch. Hope you enjoy them!
1. Shrinking Your Federal Student Loans
A great federal program will begin this coming Wednesday that will provide relief to many borrowers who are struggling with repaying their federal student loans.
2. Declawing […]

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Three Quick Ways to Research a College

How would you like to research a college in 10 minutes?
Sound impossible? Not really. In my most recent college post for, I share three quick ways to research a school. I use these shortcuts all the time to help me size up a school pretty quickly.

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New College Blog

If you enjoy reading The College Solution Blog, you’ve got another source now for learning the secrets of financial aid,  scholarships, admissions strategies and much more.
I can now officially announce that I am the college blogger for I will be posting on the television network’s blog at least three times a week.
I am also […]

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