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Visiting My Son in College

When I dropped my son Ben off at Beloit College (WI) in mid August, I left with a lot of questions. Would he adjust well to college? Could he handle his classes? Would he make friends?  And would he tell his mom or dad if the answers to any or all of the preceding questions […]

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Looking For Colleges In All the Right Places

Where do you begin a college search? When you research colleges, you’re going to want to find schools that will provide your teenagers with an excellent education and get them out the door in four years. But how do you even start such a daunting college search? Scattered around my blog, I’ve written plenty about […]

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Campus Safety: How Safe is Your College?

I wanted to share a great federal resource today that can help you measure the campus safety at any college or university. All you need to do is visit the website of The Campus Safety and Security Data Analysis Cutting Tool. (It’s a federal website, which explains the clunky name.) With the federal college safety […]

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7 Ways to Support Your Children in College

What is the best way to support your college students when they head off to college? I began exploring this question in my last post: Staying in Touch With College Students Today I’m going to share some examples of what parents can do for their children besides writing those big tuition checks.  These ideas come […]

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Staying in Touch With College Students

When children head off to college how much contact should parents have with them? This question has generated a lot of angst over the years and maybe it’s because nobody knows how much communication is appropriate. Is one call a week enough? How about a dozen? Do text messages and E-mails count? And what about […]

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50 Top Weight Loss Tips for College Students

When I visit college campuses, I can’t help but notice that an alarming number of students are overweight. In fact, I just read a story in The Chronicle of Higher Education, that stated that a third of college students are overweight. If your jeans don’t fit at age 20, I hate think how much your […]

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Get a Free Copy of an Amazon College Bestseller

Stressed about paying for college? Then you’re the right demographic for a new book, Debt-Free U: How I Paid for an Outstanding College Education Without Loans, Scholarships, or Mooching Off My Parents. Zac Bissonnette, who is an editor and writer at AOL Finance, wrote Debt-Free and, get this this, he’s a college student. Debt-Free U […]

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Saying Goodbye to Ben

Saturday evening I said goodbye to my son Ben, who officially started his four years at Beloit College. I am grateful that the send-off was better than the one that Scott Bierman, the president of Beloit College, experienced years ago when he dropped his second daughter off at Kenyon College. As the drop-off day wore […]

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Starting College With the Jitters

I’m getting up before dawn tomorrow. My son Ben and I are catching a 6:45 a.m. flight to Chicago. Ben will be starting college on Saturday and he’s nervous. But hey, aren’t all college freshmen nervous? Coincidentally, I found a great blog post today, written by two college professors, who shared ways that college freshmen […]

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Buying Stuff for A Dorm 2,050 Miles Away

How do you outfit a dorm in advance when you can’t load the car with stuff and head off to college? That’s the dilemma that a lot of college students  face if they are attending school far from their homes — my son included. His school is 2,050 miles  from our house in San Diego […]

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