Athletic Scholarships

Answers to College Recruiting Questions

I’ve gotten questions lately from parents whose children are being recruited by college coaches. I wanted to share the questions because it might help other families who are or will be navigating the Byzantine world of college athletics. I talked to Karen Weaver, my go-to-expert on college athletics. Weaver is the director of athletics at […]

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How to Win a Sports Scholarship

Last month I wrote three college blog posts about the hazards of chasing sports scholarships. I promise I’m not going to rehash that, but I did want to share a post that I wrote for CBSMoneyWatch on how teenagers can increase your chances of a sports scholarship. At a college admission conference that I attended […]

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What You Don’t Know About Athletic Scholarships

I hadn’t planned on writing about athletic scholarships for three days in a row, but a father of a Division I athlete at Indiana University emailed some great observations that I wanted to pass along. I should mention that his daughter is a rower, which is the only sport that I know of where just […]

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The Hazards of Chasing an Athletic Scholarship

I wanted to share a great response about athletic scholarships that I received after posting, 2 Worst Places to Find College Cash. I heard from Kris Hinz, who is a college counselor at Position U 4 College, who was agreeing with me that too many parents think that their kids are going to win athletic […]

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2 Worst Places to Look for College Cash

This week I intend to share with you a few of the money saving tips in my new eBook, Shrinking the Cost of Colleges: 152 Tips to Cut the Price of a Bachelor’s Degree. Inside the eBook, you’ll find the best sources of college cash. Here’s Lesson No. 1: One of the most important things […]

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March Madness Basketball Brackets: Who Shouldn’t Get an Invite?

With March Madness in full swing, I want to pose this question: Should schools be allowed a spot in the NCAA basketball brackets if they can’t manage to graduate their basketball players? I think it’s only fair to bar these basketball teams from participating in March Madness and, more importantly, so does Arne Duncan, a […]

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10 Great College Tips for 2010

Happy New Year. I want to usher in 2010 by sharing 10 of my college blog posts from last year that I think will help you: Cut the cost of college. Find scholarships. Snag better financial aid packages. Locate great schools. Cutting the cost of college with better grades How to Negotiate for a Better […]

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10 Colleges Where Sports Are Cash Hogs

Which universities spend more on sports than classroom instruction?  In my latest college blog post for CBSMoneyWatch, I shared the list of the Division 1-A schools that spend the greatest percentage of its revenue on sports. On the list, you’ll find the top 10 college sports cash hogs, as well as the 10 schools that […]

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College Bowl Money Pits, Studying Abroad and More

It’s a relief to be sitting down to write this post. My husband, kids and I survived our annual holiday party. I cook for days, not including spending an entire Saturday making Christmas cookies, and by the time the party rolls around my back is screaming. Anyway, I survived the party for 65 people and […]

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Smart College Athletes, International Students and Flagships

Are college athletes getting smarter? That was the subject of one of my college blog posts for CBSMoneyWatch this week. I don’t think college athletes are getting smarter, but they are graduating from college at higher rates. In fact, the jocks manage to graduate at higher rates than other college students. I was shocked to […]

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