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Common Data Set 101

The Common Data Set can be a great tool for researching colleges and universities. You can learn what a Common Data Set is by reading the post that I wrote yesterday: Researching Colleges With the Common Data Set Today I’m going to explore how you can use the Common Data Set to gain insights into […]

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An AP Nightmare

Is there a downside to Advanced Placement classes? I’m asking this question because many teenagers and their parents seem to believe that you can’t get into a good college without taking a killer load of AP classes. Taking three or four (or more!) AP classes in a semester can suck all the fun out of […]

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Are AP Classes Worth It?

Are AP classes really worthwhile? There is no doubt that advanced placement classes are popular.  Last year, nearly 1.7 million students worldwide took more than 2.9 million AP exams. Twenty five percent of high school graduates have taken at least one AP exam. With teenagers returning to the classroom grind soon, I thought this would […]

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Cheating in Advanced Placement Classes

My son is a senior at a high school that loathes Advanced Placement classes. The school administrators believe that AP classes provide students with knowledge that’s a mile wide and an inch deep. Considering that AP classes demand a lot of memorization and must be taught at a breathless pace to get through the material, […]

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A Great Addition to Advanced Placement Classes

Want your high school student to be prepared for college? You can find some of the best training wheels at community colleges. For a high school student, taking a community college class is equivalent to enrolling in an Advanced Placement class. A friend of mine, who is a top dog at a community college district […]

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Why Teens Take AP Classes

The number of high school students  who are taking Advance Placement classes is skyrocketing. In 2002, 1 million students took at least one AP exam, but five years later the teens signinng up for a AP test jumped more than 50% to 1.6 million students. Is all this popularity a good thing?  Probably not. Curious […]

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Getting Higher Test Scores

What is the best way to earn higher test scores? Reading your textbook and notes over and over again isn’t going to cut it, according to some new research. While poring over the written material seems like a no brainer, researchers from Purdue and Washington University insist that it’s not the best approach. Here’s a […]

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Advance Placement Tests Revolt

I always love to read articles that question the wisdom of Advanced Placement courses that ambitious teenagers feel compelled to take in high school. Consequently, I enjoyed this New York Times’ article  today that revisited the decision of a wealthy suburban high school to phase out AP classes. A year after Scarsdale (NY) High School decided to […]

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