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MBA Degree: Harvard MBA Scoundrels

For many wannabe investment bankers, the key to unlocking Wall Street’s treasure chest was traditionally getting a Harvard MBA.
So this shouldn’t come as a surprise:  Harvard tops the list of business school that have produced the most Wall Street scoundrels in our current financial mess.
Here are the top three winners:

New York University
Cornell University

Do business schools […]

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Teenagers and Summer Plans

While back home in San Diego for her winter break, my daughter Caitlin managed to line up a summer internship with the Institute of the Americas at the local University of  California campus.
It’s ideal when a college student can find a job or internship that compliments his or her major, which in Caitlin’s case is […]

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After College: Women’s Work

Do young women who graduate from college get a raw deal in the business world?
Well, the American Association of University Women found that men who are just a year out of college make 20% more than their female peers. And guess what? The women never catch up.
As a group, women college students earn higher grades […]

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The Most Lucrative College Majors

When I was in college it didn’t occur to me to major in something that would lead to a lucrative career. I started out as a history major and ultimately switched to journalism.
Today, however, teenagers, including my own, seem far more interested in choosing majors and careers that will lead to large paychecks. My son […]

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