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New College Website: Research Colleges Like a Pro

Today I want to share with you a great new web site that can help you research colleges:  College Insight.
College Insight has gathered detailed information on nearly 5,000 colleges and universities in this country. You can find statistics for any school on such topics as these:
College affordability. Check out statistics on tuition and total cost […]

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College Blog Roundup: Are Colleges Discriminating Against Girls?

When my daughter Caitlin was exploring colleges a few years ago, I worried that she would have to be more accomplished than the boys she was competing against to boost her college admission chances. As you’ll read in my college blog post for, Are Colleges Discriminating Against Girls, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights […]

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College Applications: Should You Apply Early Action?

A friend of mine called me last week to ask whether her daughter should apply early action to Boston College.
For a lot of high school seniors, applying to a college early action is a great idea. But early action isn’t for everyone including my friend’s daughter Julia. I’ll explain why momentarily.
First of all, I want […]

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College Blog Roundup: Harvard, Baby Einstein and Most Expensive Colleges

As usual, I am sharing with you the posts that I wrote for my college blog for during the past week.
Baby Einstein Bust: Toys That Will Make Your Child Smarter.
Did parents really think that plunking their infants in front of Baby Einstein DVDs was really going to make them geniuses. Come on. Surely they […]

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Hunting for Great Colleges

I subscribe to a list serve that is popular with high school and independent college counselors. I’m always amused when a counselor posts a plea for help in assembling a list of great colleges and universities for students who often possess eclectic taste.
I’ve seen requests like this:  I am helping a student, who is interested […]

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The Last College Tour

Yesterday was bittersweet for me.  My son Ben and I wrapped up our final college tour before he begins applying to colleges.
Our last stop was Lawrence University, a lovely liberal arts college in Appleton, WI., where the autumn leaves provided a stunning backdrop for a campus that’s perched above the picturesque Fox River. I am […]

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Asking Questions on a College Tour

My son and I have one more stop this week on his last college tour of schools before he starts applying to his favorites. We arrived in chilly Appleton, WI, tonight and we’re looking forward to touring Lawrence University tomorrow.
Ben is one of three million high school seniors who are contemplating their college choices during […]

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Don’t Skip the College Tour

Yesterday, my son Ben and I spent a lovely day at Beloit College. An admissions officer applauded Ben for making the long trek from San Diego to Wisconsin to visit the college. She mentioned that some students never visit the campus before applying to the liberal arts school.
I’ve always thought it was strange that teenagers […]

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Finding A Great College in Your Region

Where do you find a great college?
I hear that question all the time.
You can pour through the big fat college guides from folks like the Princeton Review and Fiske, but they ignore most schools. For instance, Princeton Review’s latest guide covers 371 schools, but there are more than 2,200 four-year colleges and universities in this […]

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Acing a College Interview, Part II

Yesterday I promised to share a great resource to help your teenager during a college interview.
Before I share it, I want to stress that there aren’t necessarily right or wrong answers in a college interview.
My own daughter, who is now a college junior, certainly experienced this during an interview at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. […]

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