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What I Did on My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and I spent it with 8 wonderful women. Bear with me and you’ll understand why I’m writing about this in on my college blog. I decided to throw the first birthday party that I’ve had since I was a kid. The reason? Because I didn’t want to be alone on my […]

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Acing Your Final Exams: The Best Way to Study

What is the best way to ace your final exams? Reading your textbook and notes over and over again isn’t going to cut it, according to some interesting research. While poring over the written material seems like a no brainer, researchers from Purdue and Washington University insist that it’s not the best approach. Here’s a […]

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How Will My Home Equity Impact Financial Aid?

I’ve been getting emails about home equity and financial aid. Consequently, I decided to run a college blog post that I wrote last year on the topic: Before the housing bubble burst, plenty of parents worried that their home equity was going to scotch any chance of receiving college financial aid. Even in this environment, […]

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Getting Ready to Apply for Financial Aid

This is the time of year for parents of high school seniors to start thinking about applying for financial aid. Many families have heard of the FAFSA, but they don’t know what it was. Families need to complete the FAFSA to be eligible for state and federal grants. You also can’t obtain a federal student […]

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Should You Attend Your Dream College?

This is the time of year when high school seniors and their parents begin reciting this age-old advice:  Follow your dreams. Families tend to use this advice to justify their children attending expensive dream colleges even if these schools will require taking on crushing student debt. I am a huge advocate of families researching schools […]

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10 Things New College Grads Need To Know About Jobs

My daughter, who is a Spanish major, will be graduating from college in the spring and like many college seniors, she is stressing about finding a job. While the job market is still ailing, a new national survey of 4,600 employers suggests that jobs will be more plentiful for the graduating class of 2011. According […]

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50 Colleges With the Best and Worst Professors

Can anybody pinpoint which colleges have the best college professors and the worst professors? I doubt it, but that doesn’t mean people won’t try. Yesterday I wrote a college blog post for CBSMoneyWatch that made a stab at establishing which colleges and universities have the best and worst professors. Here are the controversial posts: 25 […]

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Will You Get Into Your Dream College?

What are your chances of getting into your dream college? I wanted to share with you a great tool that you can use to help assess what your chances are for getting an acceptance letter from any college on your list. You can find the tool at COLLEGEdata, which is a website shock full of […]

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Can You Shrink Your EFC?

My last college blog post focused on a dilemma that many families face. When parents calculate what their Expected Family Contribution is, they discover it’s far higher than they anticipated. If you missed the post, here it is: Is Your EFC Too High? Today I want to stay on that topic and share an email […]

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Is Your EFC Too High?

Is your EFC too high? I have been hearing from families of high school seniors who have calculated their preliminary EFC or Expected Family Contribution and are now panicking. They can’t believe how high their EFC is. Your EFC can provide a decent idea of what a college will assume you could pay for one […]

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